Arsenal Renaissance: Revenue Soars to €533m, Breaking the €500 Million Barrier for the First Time in Club History

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Mikel Arteta guided Arsenal back to the Champions League group stage for the first time since 2016, following a commendable performance in the 2022/23 season where they came close to dethroning Manchester City from the Premier League summit. 

Despite falling short of securing the league title, the rejuvenated Arsenal under Arteta brought back a positive atmosphere to the Emirates. The return to top-tier European competition proved to be a financial boon for the club, as their revenue witnessed an impressive 23% increase in just one year.

Arsenal's revenue grew from $371m in 2021/2022 to €533m (£463m) 2022/2023 according to the latest Deloitte Football Money League. This revenue surge places the club in 10th place with the Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, Man City and Man United also making the top 10.

Deloitte Football Money League

This is therefore a record season in the club's history, because the barrier of €500 million was exceeded for the first time. 

All three main revenue streams recorded the highest results:

  • 📺Broadcasting €220m (⬆️28%)

  • 💼Commercial €195m ⬆️17%)

  • 🏟️Matchday €118m (⬆️26%)

The wages-to-revenue ratio has reached a very healthy level of 51%. Two years ago it was as much as 75%.
Arsenal revenue for 2022-2023 season according to Deloitte

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